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Studio Moda have launched exclusive deals on office space furniture to help you start the new year of work on the right foot!



There's no better way

to start a new year than

with a brand new looking office!



Modern style workstation with a clean, linear design. The beauty of the contemporary 4-Person workstation makes this workstation ideal for the open office environment.

Operational Desk

When you love the desk you have, being stuck behind it all day isn’t such a bad thing! Make your workspace more inspiring with this modern and functional operational desk.

Height Adjustable Desk

Boost your productivity and workplace comfort with this sleek, modern sit-stand desk. This height adjustable desk frame lets you work from a seating position and change to a standing position whenever you want.

Office Chair

Add some style to your office! Combining comfort, aesthetic styling and functionality, this mStyle chair will ensure comfort and support around the clock. Various models and colours available.

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